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CEO, Bryan Moore Nominated and Voted for CACCE Board

Shakira Ramseur | Communication Specialist
Caldwell Chamber of Commerce
November 27, 2019
Caldwell Chamber of Commerce CEO, Bryan Moore,
Nominated and Voted in to serve on the Board of Directors for
Carolinas Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (CACCE)
The Carolinas Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (CACCE) has announced their 2020 Board of Directors.
Our very own Caldwell Chamber of Commerce CEO/President, Bryan Moore has been nominated and voted by his peers for the CACCE to serve on the Board. Bryan is dedicated to the betterment of Caldwell County and this is another step towards finding ways to grow our business community. We are eager to see the changes that will come about and are overjoyed that Bryan is actively working to improve Caldwell County and North Carolina.
The Caldwell Chamber is proud to have Bryan as our CEO/President and know that his skills will be further equipped by serving on the CACCE Board of Directors and others will be able to gain valuable knowledge from him, as well. Bryan Moore, along with other Champions of Caldwell County will help our community continue to arise with many implementations for continued success.
“CACCE is the professional development organization for chamber of commerce executives and staff members in North Carolina and South Carolina.  CACCE equips chamber of commerce professionals with leadership skills and tools to build innovative chambers.  The organization was formed in 1994 when the North Carolina and South Carolina state chamber associations merged.” - CACCE, press release by Tiffany Fulmer Ott
Please view the press release from the CACCE, for more information and the full list of CACCE Board of Directors. Click Here

Press Release, Bryan Moore, CACCE Board

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