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Sminton Photography

Sminton Photography


About Us

Sminton Photography is all about deep love, steadfast unity, and unexplainable joy. I believe we are all uniquely created in the image of God, so EVERYWHERE I look I see HIS masterpieces. I see details that magnify the beauty all around me. This is what I love about photography CAPTURING DETAILS IN FACES, PLACES, AND SPACES!

I am a native Midwesterner - born and raised in a small town in southeastern Minnesota. I recently married the love of my life and am now planted in Hudson, North Carolina where my husband is a native. Words like y'all are not yet in my vocabulary but I am loving learning and embracing the southern culture and charm!

I’m a fervent lover of Jesus, a do it yourself-er, and a curious traveler. You can find me trying to make furniture, popping popcorn, purposely lost in a city or forest, or pulling espresso when I am not photographing. – Well, let’s be honest, I might be photographing while doing those things.

I find joy and beauty in most things; some of my favorites are wild flowers, that feeling you get when reuniting with old friends, making new friends, travel, and java chunk ice cream.

I studied photography as an art form in college and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. I continue to learn, play, and grow in my knowledge, skill, and love of photography.

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