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Saltair Aircraft Leasing, Inc

Saltair Aircraft Leasing, Inc


About Us

SaltAir Aircraft & Leasing is a company that provides exceptional aircraft to clients for all types of adventure.

Whether you are a beginner and would like to learn how to fly or you are an experienced pilot and would like a challenge! We have a range of superior and unique aircraft available for rent.

Contact us today to schedule your flights!


Gallery Image Archer_87W-1.jpg
Gallery Image Archer_87W-7.jpg
Gallery Image Cessna_172_-_N79514_-4.jpg
Gallery Image Cessna_172_-_N79514_-8.jpg
Gallery Image REMOS_119GX-1.jpg
Gallery Image REMOS_119GX-4.jpg
Gallery Image Sport_Cub_-_743CC_-1.jpg
Gallery Image Sport_Cub_-_743CC_-5.jpg

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