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Downtown Lenoir Main Street Program


Community Service

About Us

Lenoir is home to some of manufacturing’s entrepreneurial legends. Our past as an innovative manufacturing hub put us on the map. The natural beauty that embraces our Downtown – our community – yields an inspired way of life and simultaneously provides the materials necessary to express such creativity. The plentiful timber woods have inspired highly skilled wood craftsmen since the 1800’s. In 1889, the Harper Furniture Company became the first furniture factory built, leading the county into an industry that would supply thousands of jobs to people and send furniture to 30 different countries. From raw material, inspired design, grit and hard work they created some of the most elegant works of wooden art our country has ever seen and continue to do so today. As the furniture industry grew, naturally, so did Downtown Lenoir. The Courtney Warehouse, circa 1888, still stands today and, along with almost 70% of our historic buildings, remains listed with ‘contributing status ‘ on the National Register of Historic Places.

Generation after generation has carried on the creativity to dream up one-of-a-kind projects and the resiliency to put these dreams into action. Our rich history as a world-class furniture and manufacturing hub gave us our hard-working ethic in craftsmanship and the arts. This spirit is what drives us today to continue revitalizing out town and our community for the future.


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